October 2015

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When you’re looking for a quick, DIY method of updating your Duluth bathroom, start with the fixtures. It’s amazing how such a small change can add instant pizazz to the room. Remember, if you’re thinking of selling a home, bathrooms are second in importance only to kitchens.

The trend in bathrooms going into 2016 is gold, so ditch the faux crystal, stainless steel or silver fixtures and give your bathroom an air of sophistication. Think of the fixtures as jewelry for the bathroom.

Gold works in even the most rustic or minimalist bathroom, especially against a white backdrop, such as the sink, tub and even the wall in the case of a towel rack. Gold even works in a retro bathroom.

When choosing fixtures, consider which finish will complement

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A couple of weeks ago we included some of Duluth’s scariest attractions in our October calendar but this week we’re focusing strictly on Halloween, October 31, just 10 days from today.

Family Fun

Corn-i-Ville is back this year at Engwalls Corn Maze. A family fun day, it includes games, face painting and more. Plus, there will be tons of candy stations throughout the maze. Kids LOVE this event. Call Engwalls for details at (218) 727-1177.

Get Creeped out at the Movies

It may seem a bit tamer than some of today’s blood-and-gore horror films, but in 1973, “The Exorcist” was raw and edgy and very, very scary. The story revolves around the demonic possession of a pre-teen girl and her mother’s pursuit of a “cure.” The film was nominated for 10

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DuluthRealEstate.com’s spotlight for October lands on Homecroft Elementary School in Duluth. It serves slightly more than 400 students in grades Pre-K through 5 with 16 full-time teachers. Yes, the school’s student/teacher ratio is quite high, at 25:1, but it doesn’t seem to hamper the students’ ability to learn as you’ll see when we get to the test scores.


Homecroft Elementary offers the following programs:

  • Free all-day Kingergarten
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Advanced academic opportunities
  • Parent and community partnerships to support education

Rankings and Test Scores

School ratings website GreatSchools.org awards Homecroft seven out of a possible 10 stars while SchoolDigger.com gives it three out of

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Ah, the mudroom, that neglected, too-often unattractive room off the side or back of the house that sometimes resembles the kitchen junk drawer.

Sure, mudrooms get dingy and dirty over time. After all, look what goes on in there. Since our wicked Duluth weather is on the way, though, and this particular room will be getting far more use than it has over the past few months, we thought we’d provide some tips for you on how to get it ready and, maybe, make it an attractive part of the home.

Efficiency is the key

Efficiency and durability are the most important in the mudroom. Let’s face it, especially in Duluth, this area takes a beating so arrange your project around ensuring that cleaning it is easy.

If you have carpet, get rid of it. Any

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