Attraction Spotlight: Hartley Nature Center

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at 10:20am.

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The Hartley Nature Center has as mission where they’re dedicated to providing connections to nature through play, exploration and education which brings your children fun and excitement in an educational way. With more than 25,000 visitors a year, this has become an attraction that many schools and parents frequent each year for several reasons.

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do with the children this year, the Hartley Nature Center has just what you need.

Green Building

First stop you’ll want to take a look at the Green Building and all it offers. This 75,000 square foot offers 4 different classrooms in addition to an office area, a library, and an exhibit hall. There are storage spaces, a mechanical area and bathrooms that are all constructed from non-toxic materials. You can use the facility while visiting the park all while taking advantage of renewable resources in a building that’s completely safe for the environment.

Go Hiking

The park offers more than 10 miles of trails for hiking and range from easier paths for beginners to more advanced paths for those looking for a backpacking adventure. Come prepared to pack a lunch and see what the trails have to offer as there are some guided hikes that people spend the day doing.


There’s always something new and exciting to see at the many exhibits at the Hartley Nature Center. Children love seeing the turtles and other history the park offers. Take advantage of bike paths also if you are into biking for the day. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise in but it’s a great way to see what nature has to offer.

The Hartley Nature Center has a lot to see and do and you also can rent a boat and enjoy some time on the ponds going fishing. Turn any boring summer into something fun-filled for the whole family with a trip.

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