Attraction Spotlight: Lake Superior Helicopters

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 11:25am.

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Taking a helicopter tour is a fun and exciting way to explore the area you are visiting providing beautiful photos and a memorable tour. Lake Superior Helicopters is dedicated to showing you all the most popular sights the area around Lake Superior provides.

Aerial Tour

The Aerial Tour takes you on a thrilling fifteen mile journey through the sky showing you all of the popular views just around Duluth and Superior. Your aerial tour will take you over the Duluth/Superior Harbor giving you a stunning view of the Enger Tower and the Aerial Lift Bridge.

North Shore Tour

The North Shore Tour is an exhilarating thirty mile flight starting over the Duluth and Superior coal and ore docks and then flying over the Fraser dry docks. Next stop will be the port terminal area where the ships offload and load up their cargo. On your way through the Duluth/Superior Harbor you will fly past the Aerial Lift Bridge and Park Point on your way up the North Shore. The North Shore gives you some of the best views of Duluth like the Glensheen Mansion and the Lester River.

Ultimate Tour

The Ultimate Tour gives you exactly what it promises…the ultimate tour of the Duluth and Superior area. An extraordinary sixty mile flight will provide you with amazing views of the waterfalls and dams in the Jay Cooke State Park. On your way to the shipping docks of Duluth and Superior you will fly along the St. Louis River, and over Ely’s Peak and Spirit Mountain.

Flying farther north to the North Shore you will pass over the Fraser Dry Docks and the Port Terminal and then on to the northeast where you will get great views of the Aerial Lift Bridge, Park Point, the Glensheen Mansion, Moose Mountain, and the Lester River.

Whether it’s a long tour or a short tour, Lake Superior Helicopters will provide an experience you will never forget.

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