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Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 at 12:56pm.


What’s going on in our neck of the woods? Lots – but we have limited space so we’ll let you in on the news that we found interesting.

Western Duluth Ignored No More

Look for the area around Casket Quarry to get a major facelift over the next couple of years. Duluth City leaders are planning on revitalizing the area to include outdoor recreation projects.

"It's a big vision," Duluth Mayor Don Ness told Minnesota Public Radio’s Dan Kraker. "It's a very optimistic vision in a part of town that hasn't necessarily embraced this sort of thing in the past."

The aim is to make Duluth more appealing to new residents and, thus, the city’s tax base. "The outdoor recreation tied to the natural beauty of our area is the selling point,” Ness told MPR.

Plans include new hiking, mountain biking, equestrian and skiing trails, a paddling center, and upgrades to Duluth’s parks, zoo and Spirit Mountain. Residents of Duluth’s Morgan Park neighborhood will especially benefit from the changes.

Dog Meets Wolf

You’ve no doubt heard about the wolf attack on a Piedmont Heights neighborhood pooch. If not, it happened about two weeks ago. A wolf picked up the dog by the neck and was attempting to carry him off into the woods when the owner ran after, screaming and the wolf dropped the dog and ran off.

Although officials say this is uncommon in Duluth neighborhoods, the dog’s owners are warning others to keep their dogs secure. When they’re outside, alone, they are vulnerable to attacks by both wolves and coyotes.

The pooch, Max, suffered puncture wounds and scratches but it otherwise ok.

King of Creams sans Wheels

If you’ve ever purchased ice cream from the King of Creams truck you’ll love knowing that you can now visit the business in an actual physical, fixed- to-the-ground location. On March 14, Courtland Powe, the truck’s owner, finally realized his dream of opening a restaurant and it’s located at 502 East 4th Street in Duluth.

Stop by for a full menu of yumminess, including burgers, cheesesteak sandwiches and, of course, ice cream.

See you next week!

Image: "Howlsnow" by Retron. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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