Getting Your Duluth Home Sold in the Height of Winter

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 at 12:04pm.

Sell Your Duluth House in the WinterAlthough you frequently hear chatter about how slow the Duluth real estate market becomes during the height of winter, savvy home buyers are often out in full force looking for a great deal on a new home or condo in hopes of finding a more motivated home seller. 

But just because the temperature drops and there happens to be snow on the ground, it’s still possible to get top dollar for your Duluth home, regardless of how much the market has calmed down. So while it’s true there may be fewer buyers out shopping for a new home during the winter months because of misconceptions about driving in the snow, following these simple steps will go a long way in making sure you ultimately get the price you want when it comes time to sell. 

Add extra lighting on the inside 

Just because it’s dark and dreary outside doesn't mean the inside of your home has to match. Make potential home buyers feel warm and welcome with a well lit house. Most homes also get much less natural light during the winter, which is all the more reason to install some additional recessed lighting or place a few extra lamps out in order to brighten up the interior. 

Keep the heat turned on 

This is obviously a no-brainer for homes that are occupied, so this tip mainly applies to vacant or newly built homes. In general, nobody wants to be cold when touring a property, and as a seller, the last thing you want is for buyers to rush through a showing and not fully grasp what your home has to offer because they're freezing their tail off. If the home is vacant or not currently occupied, do your best to warm the home up prior to any showings, or at the very least, put the heating system on a timer if possible. 

Consult a design expert of home stager

Find a way for your home to feel nice and cozy in the winter without going overboard. Strategically adding more blankets, pillows, and coffee cups for example will help give your home a warmer feeling, as long as you don’t go from cozy to cluttery.

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