What will you find at Bent Paddle Brewing Company?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, June 26th, 2015 at 12:54pm.

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You might have seen the beer brand called Bent Paddle Brewing Company when you are having a pint at the local bars with your group of friends. However, have you ever wondered what are they and where are they from?

Bent Paddle Brewing Company is actually a 30-barrel production craft brewery strategically situated in the lovely Great Lakes port town of Duluth, Minnesota. The company has a taproom right beside the brewery that offers freshly brewed, thirst quenching beers on tap. Bent Paddle Brewing Company promises perfectly fresh beer in the taproom as the brewery is just a stone’s throw away and customers will be guaranteed a satisfied experience. 

What makes Bent Paddle Brewing Company so special?

Bent Paddle Brewing Company does not just produce typical beers. Every single beer is brewed with the amazingly fresh lake water of Lake Superior, the largest lake in North America. This is the secret recipe of the company in order to ensure the freshest and most dependable craft beer possible.

What can you get at Bent Paddle Brewing Company?

Bent Paddle Brewing Company offers a wide variety of selections to beer lovers out there which the following four flavors are the best sellers.

  • Venture Pils Pilsener Lager – Characteristics of Bohemia, Northern Germany with a touch of American inventiveness, refreshingly crisp with a gentle floral hop aroma.
  • 14°ESB Extra Special Bitter - Well balanced with a slight toasted malt flavor, traditional British hop accents with just a hint of pine and citrus from the unexpected Amarillo / Ahtanum dry-hop.
  • Bent Hop Golden IPA - Non-traditional American India Pale Ale is golden in color with an enormous floral/citrus hop aroma and a supporting malt profile.
  • Black Ale - Brewed to be smooth, chocolatey, semi-roasted ale that bridges the islands of porter and stout.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company offers beer in several keg sizes as well as 12 oz. cans where you can get it at the local stores or bars in Minnesota. However, if you want to visit the on-site taproom, you will get to taste the beer with plenty of sampling. You can also take a 64 oz. growler to go.

Location and Taproom Hours

Bent Paddle Brewing Company’s taproom is closed from Sunday to Tuesday but it is open from Wednesday to Saturday. The taproom hours is from 3pm to 10pm on Wednesday and Thursday, from 3pm to 11pm on Friday and from 1pm to 11pm on Saturday. Bent Paddle Brewing Company is located at 1912 West Michigan Street in Duluth.

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