Head of Valuation's FOR

Location: Twin Cities

Job Description

Are you an experienced appraiser who loves the work but doesn’t love the ups, downs and driving around? If you’re looking for a salaried, office-based appraisal position with guaranteed high volume and compensation, we’ll get you off the Real Estate Rollercoaster and into a world of consistent paychecks and strong, stable growth opportunities. A recent partnership has opened up this opportunity. You’ll lead, train and oversee our growing team of Market Analysts as they produce Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) for a very large corporate client on a daily, hourly and even by-the-minute basis.

Why work here

Our approach eliminates the seasonality and unpredictability of real estate and opens up new opportunities for people who love real estate but also value a work environment with more consistency and less risk. In addition, our “Be Generous” mantra means we’re passionate about giving our time, talents and treasures back to the community.

What’s in it for you?

  • Consistency and predictability in your work life and compensation
  • An office-based job that eliminates the driving and data-crunching
  • Guaranteed high volume
  • The chance to manage a team of market analysts rather that doing all the analysis yourself
  • The opportunity to join a dynamic and fast-growing real estate team
  • A purpose-based environment whose larger mission is to help others
  • Paid time off
  • Parental leave

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Deep experience in real estate appraisals and valuations
  • Significant management experience, such as running an appraisal division
  • A positive “people-person” who brings out the best in others

To Apply

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