Local Agent Representative 

Location: Twin Cities

Job Description

Are you a real estate agent looking for a position that doesn’t require you to drive all over town, show houses, negotiate big deals and wonder where your next deal is coming from? If you’re looking for a salaried, office-based agent position with guaranteed high volume, we’ll get you off the Real Estate Rollercoaster and into a world of consistent paychecks and strong, stable growth opportunities. A recent partnership with a large corporate client has opened up this opportunity for agents who are more “consistent” than “cowboy.” You’ll join our team as a full-time Local Agent Rep for our home Acquisitions Department, where you’ll be responsible for packaging information from our corporate client into home offers placed on a special technology platform for clients to e-sign.

Why work here

Our approach eliminates the seasonality and unpredictability of real estate and opens up new opportunities for people who love real estate but also value a work environment with more consistency and less risk. In addition, our “Be Generous” mantra means we’re passionate about giving our time, talents and treasures back to the community.

What’s in it for you?

  • Guaranteed income (salary + bonus)
  • Consistency and predictability in your work life and compensation
  • An office-based job that eliminates driving, showings and big negotiations
  • Guaranteed high volume
  • The opportunity to join a dynamic and fast-growing real estate team
  • A purpose-based environment whose larger mission is to help others
  • Paid time off
  • Parental leave

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Licensed real estate agent who loves real estate, but not the rollercoaster
  • Strong communication skills and attention to detail, both verbally and in writing contracts
  • Ability to explain inspection items and address objections in scheduled conference calls

To Apply

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